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Welcome to Lancaster, PA Herbal Remedy Experts!

Welcome to Lancaster, PA Herbal Remedy Experts!

Herbal Remedies Expert providing Lancaster, PA area and Online Natural Health Consultations

Alternative Health Modalities are powerful, but do you know what is best for you?

Assessing your natural health and nutritional needs can be easy and non invasive.

Health is about balance.  To know how to balance your body you first need to assess where your various levels of nutrients and toxins are.

Why is this important?  This might help illustrate.....Everyone knows that water is healthy right?   If someone is dehydrated, a glass of water is a powerful natural remedy....  But if someone is drowning, a glass of water isn't going to benefit them at all.

Iridology (done by studying a picture of your eye for various colorations and markings which indicates deficiencies, toxins and weaknesses) and Compass Bio-survey (a computerized assessment using a hand cradle) can help you develop a personalized protocol.

Click on an Icon below to start your journey to a healthier you schedule an Online Consultation or an Office Consultation in Landisville (near Lancaster), PA today.

Lets get started!

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Several times a week we have free online classes about natural health. If you are interested in being notified of our classes via  an email,  please fill in the form below.
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