Interested in becoming a Natural Health Professional?
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How to become a Natural Health Professional

There is nothing more satisfying than helping people get healthy.   Sadly, many people are unable to become full time Natural Health Professionals, primarily because earning a living consumes a majority of their time.  Even sadder, is the fact that if done properly, healing people can generate a significant full time income.

Finding the right mentor often makes the difference between merely helping people with their health as a hobby and doing it proficiantly, as a professional.

Requirements for succeeding in developing a solid Natural Health practice

What we have to offer you

  • Knowledge about anatomy/physiology
  • Health conditions
  • Assessing weaknesses, toxins and deficiencies
  • Nutrition, supplementation,
  • How to develop an individual health plan
  • We offer 2 free online health lectures weekly (Sept thru May)
  • We offer online internship/apprenticeship
  • We offer critiquing 3 months of consultations to help you feel comfortable and confident as a wholistic practitioner (often developing a client base)
  • We offer Natural Health Professional Classes with a certificate (ask about our partial scholarships)
Find a Mentor and a Network Support Group We have a 30 year ongoing association with Nature's Sunshine Products.
We have in our network a Tradtional Naturopathic Doctor with (21 years experience), Certified Natural Health Professional, Master Herbalist, and IIPA Certified Iridologist an association with president Emiritus, NSP Chairman National Managers Association and Board member Emiritus IIPA, Founding member of the American College of Iridology
Get involved with a superior stable supplement company
  • Nature's Sunshine has been named the manufacture of the year... for      years  
  • Also listed as Forbes 500 "2013 America's most trust-worthy companies"
  • Manufactor exceeds pharmacutical standards 
  • Been a well established company since 1971
  • Largest encapsulated Herb Company in the World
Get involved with a Mastermind Group
  • We have a 1 hour mastermind meeting every Monday Night (Sept thru May)
  • We offer goal setting and practical counseling and unparallelled mentoring
CERTIFICATES OF COMPLETION acknowledging your educational credentials  Upon successfully graduating, we offer certificates of completion in Iridology I & II, Sclerology, Herbology and a Natural Health Professional

Mistakes people often make:
  • Try to do it on their own without a qualified mentor and support system
  • Being sponsored by a friend or somone who is not fully commited or competent enough to help you build your business
  • Being sponsored by someone without ethics
Ask us about building your own Natural Health Business today!!!
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