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As you know we are experiencing a serious decline in employment opportunities. Conventional Health Care is quickly becoming dangerous, inaccessible and unaffordable.

Soon Millions of people will flock to Natural Practitioners for their Primary Health Care.

Natural Health Consultants will be in great demand. There are many in this field who earn more part time than most people earn full time.

With over 60 years of combined experience, we have fine tuned a program which is designed in a way that you can step from where you are now right into being a natural health practitioner at a fraction of the cost and time needed for comparable courses.

As an added bonus, upon graduation of our 20 week course, you would also become qualify to be teamed with Mary, a Naturopathic Doctor and Richard SNm, a successful business coach to help build your thriving business.

The Classes are live and online. One Body System will be explored every two weeks on a Saturday Morning from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM EST.

With our virtual classroom, you can listen to the instructor and follow the powerpoint presentation on your computer.
Since the session are live, you can ask make comments or question several ways:
  • Telephone (instructions will be included in registration email)
  • Headset/mic attached to your computer via USB port or built in
  • Or you can type in the chat box provided in the room

How do you register for the Online Health Classes?


  • Scroll down this page and click on the class you want to attend
  • When the registration form pops up, fill in and click "register now"
  • The necessary information to enabling you to join the class will be send to you via email
  • In an effort to assist you in taking notes effectively, a thumbnail of each of the slides used in the power point presentation is provided. (click on "HANDOUT") to print.  
  • Sit back and enjoy 

January 1, 2014 Pricing

Pkg #1 Paying Per Class Pkg #2 Paying Per Class
For My Webinar Graduates
Pkg #3 Paying Per Class

For My NSP Group
Get $100 off if you prepay before the classes
$55 (per class x 10 classes $550) $45 (per class x 10 classes $450) $35 (per class x 10  classes $350) Pkg #1 $550 - $100 = $450
Pkg #2 $450 - $100 = $350
Pkg #3 $350 - $100 = $250

Certificate Picture

  • Each class includes Iris and Body signs, Anatomy & Physiology, Diet, Life Style, Diseases, Symptoms, emotional involvements, etc.
  • They are on ever other Saturday at 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM (unless question time lasts longer)
  • The classes are given on a rotating schedule throughout the year. You do not have to start with class 1, you can jump in at any class  so long as you take all 10 classes. If you miss a class you can pick it up during the next sequence.


Date Class Link Handout

3 Sept 2016
#1 Digestive System HANDOUT 

1 Oct 2016
#2 Intestinal System HANDOUT

5 Nov 2016
#3 Hepatic System HANDOUT
3 Dec 2016 #4 Immune System


7 January 2017
#5 Nervous System HANDOUT 
4 February 2017  #4 Structural System


 4 March 2017 #6 Circulatory System


1 April 2017 #7 Urinary System


6 May 2017 #8 Respiratory System


2 June 2017
#10 Glandular System HANDOUT

Upon course completion, AND an exam of competency is passed a certificate of completion will be available for $60.

Upon course completion each student will get a CD copy of each of the 10 classes, plus understanding pH and fats, oils, cholesterol and statin drug webinars.

If you are interested in the my style of teaching you can watch it by going to youtube....

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