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Advantages of an Iridology consultation

Advantages of an Iridology consultation

Medical tests are geared to find disease. There is a vast span between good health and disease.


Iridology can help determine the level of health in the body.  It can't give a name of a disease but it can expose indicators of what nutrients the body needs, which toxins are burdening the body, imbalances, and possible weaknesses  (both acquired and genetic).

How accurate is an Iridology Consultation?

I have taken classes where the instructor said, "Iridology consultations done by a competent Iridologist is 95% accurate" which, by any standards, is quite impressive.

Sample Consultation

This sample is on the Left Eye Only, but both eyes are used during the session.

Yellow indicates: lymph nodes which are congested. Note: The most prominent lymph node is in the breast area, indicating difficulty in the lymph node's ability to keep the breast tissue healthy.
Suggestions: Jumping on a mini trampoline helps purge congestion from the lymph nodes. Sulfur found in All Cell Detox, onions, garlic and raw cabbage also helps. If the lymph is tender, I would add Lymph cleanse formula.

Orange indicates: Poor breast tissue health.
Suggestion: (Usually both eyes are used and the other eye would indicate if the liver was involved, for this case, lets assume it is). I suggest Liver Cleanse formula (start with 3 a day and increase until you sleep the whole night through without waking up). I would also rub Vitamin E with Selenium into the breast (which has been known to help the body reabsorb fibroids). I would also use a natural deodorant (such as a tia stone or milk of magnesia) which doesn't suppress sweating so the toxins can be eliminated through the skin. The bra should be lose enough to allow lymphatic drainage.

Green indicates: The health of the myelin sheathing, which in this case, is adequate. But, since the autonomic nerve wreath (that which is highlighted in green) is so close to the pupil, this indicates that the person's colon contains insufficient fiber to keep the colon the circumference needed to maintain its health.

Suggestion: Since this person does not have diverticula and assuming they have no dietary restrictions, I would suggest they incorporate in their diet raw vegetables (5 to 7 servings a day) and fruits (5+ servings a day).

I would also suggest Everybody's Fiber (1 tbs a day).

Pink indicates: Weakness in the lower back.
Suggestion: I would first test the pH using home pH test strips in increments of .2 or .5 and report the results. Often when the eye indicates that the bones are poris, I would suggest calcium (which type would depend on the pH level of the urine and saliva) and following a pH balanced diet. In some cases progesterone cream may also be beneficial.

Red indicates: Weakness on the neck.
Suggestion: I would suggest massage therapy to relax the muscles, which in turn will help with vertebrae alignment. Often liver toxicity causes the neck and upper shoulder muscles to tense, therefore I would also suggest Liver Cleanse formula.

Blue indicates: Weakness on the left kidney.
Suggestion: By the time kidney shows in the Iris, it is in serious need of help. I would cut out all coffee, tea, soda, colored drinks and strongly limit milk products (except butter). Considering the aspects of the Iris as a whole, I would suggest KB-C (8 a day) and reverse osmosis water (up to 1/2 body weight in ounces)

Iridology consultation, I believe, is THE most valuable tool in regaining and maintianing one's health. No other diagnostic tool, in my opinion, is better for finding the root cause of the problem. Whether you decide to use our service or find a local Iridologist, I believe Iridology should be the focal point in any healthy lifestyle.

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