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If I want a consultation, what are the steps?

You need to choose if you want an Iridology consult (includes questionnaire) or simply the questionnaire consult.  If you choose the Iridology consult, the steps are listed below.  If you choose the questionnaire, simply purchase the Questionnaire Consult, complete the questionnaire and submit it.  We will respond within 48-72 hours by email.
Step #1 You email me a set of pictures of your eyes. Both eyes are needed because there are different indicators in each eye.  

Step #2  I return an email letting you know if the picture is clear enough for me to use. 

Step #3 You go to our store and purchase a Personalized Iridology Instruction.

Step #4 If you prefer email response you purchase Package #1 Personalized Iridology Instruction.

What is the advantage of getting an online consultation from Herbal Remedies

The advantages are:

How accurate can I expect the consultation to be?

I have taken classes where the instructor said, "Iridolgy consultations done by a competent Iridologist are accurate 95% of the time."  which, by any standard, is impressive.

Will I be obligated to buy supplements from HerbalRemediesExpert?

No.  We offer our supplements at wholesale prices as a courtesy to help others be able to afford high-quality products.  But, in doing this consultation, you are not required to buy any supplements.

What would be the advantage of my buying the supplement from you?

The supplements are high-quality products at wholesale prices which would typically save you 30% off retail.  When your supplement purchase is at least $40, as a courtesy, you will get a free membership with Nature's Sunshine, which would make you eligible for rebates (up to an additional 30% of product costs).

When you become a member,  you would be eligible to attend all classes free of charge for 1 year and you would be eligible to obtain discounted coupons for others to have consults or attend classes for 1 year if these people purchase these supplements you will be given credit, which can lead to even higher rebates.

How could I get coupons for my friends?

You email Gloria with your membership number and she will email the coupons to you.

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