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Physical Consultation

Physical Consultation with Dr. Mary at the office in her home at 750 Church Street in Landisville, PA in the Lancaster area.

Please print out questionnaire and bring with you to the consultation if possible ---> (highlight, copy, paste on word document of some sort) Fill in answers.

Saliva test is part of the consultation, please do not drink, eat, chew gum, smoke or chew tobacco for at least 2 hours before consultation.

Call 717-898-2220 for an appointment.

Iridology Consultation Via Phone and GotoMeeting

Many people call them consultations, but in reality you will receive a private lesson which teaches you what your eyes indicate, as well as suggestions for which nutrients and diet your body needs. In addition, you will learn a simple physiology of what is going on with the your body. 


You place your order and then email me picture(s) of both of your eyes as clear as the picture above of the size 1500 px or larger in jpeg. In this email include several time slots which would be convenient for you.

You will then receive an "invitation" to join a meeting. This meeting will enable you view my computer screen. Then you either call me at 717-898-2220 or I can call you and we talk over the phone while I show you various indicators in your eyes.

Iridology I Certificate Only

We are proud to offer Iridology classes. The medical profession diagnoses and treats disease. Iridology helps you determine levels of health, genetic weaknesses, and deficiencies which cannot only help you reverse disease, but can help you know what to do to avoid diseases from developing.

Our Online Classes are taught in simple layman's terms. Our live online lectures are structured enough to ensure being educated about Alternative Health, but flexible enough to address your questions.

Iridology II Certificate Only

Prerequisite: Attending Iridology I online classes by Dr. Mary and passing test.

Natural Health Professional Classes on CDs

Natural Health Professional Class Webinars recorded.  All 10 body systems, with handouts, plus as a bonus pH webinar plus Stressed Out webinar.

Professional Iridology Courses

General Public

IIPA Ready Classes. 9 Classes Instruction, 2 Classes of Mock Consultations. 1 Personalized 1-on-1 review,


A four hour class on Sclerology. To be given on a Saturday from 10 AM to 2 PM.

IIPA readiness Certification
or $400 with a CD/thumbdrive

work with us

Let's work together

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